Memorial Bench 

Last year Haringey Council granted us permission to have a memorial tree to acknowledge baby loss on Parkland Walk. Since then, the tree has provided a space for many bereaved families to visit; where they can reflect and remember their baby. It also helps us break the silence around baby loss; which can be a difficult subject; the tree represents the fact that we do want to talk about our baby.

With so many families visiting the tree, I approached Haringey Council to see if we could install a memorial bench for bereaved families and others to sit. After fundraising within the community, the bench was installed in March.

The tree and the bench creates a permanent place for bereaved families to go, and can assist with breaking the silence and open the conversation about baby loss. 


As a bereaved mum I know how important it is to speak about my son Hamish; to have him acknowledged and to ensure that his short life is not forgotten. It seemed like a natural step to personalise the area for families and we have now engraved names of much missed babies on wooden plaques for the tree. If you walk by the baby loss tree, please do take time and acknowledge the names. Each baby has a family who grieves, a family who wants to keep the memory of their baby alive, a family who will never forget their names. Each baby mattered and should not be forgotten. Hilary xxx 

(North and East London Volunteer and Baby Loss Awareness Campaigner) 

14 babies die each day in the UK; before, during and shortly after birth. 

If you or anyone you know has been affected by the loss of a baby North and East London Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death) is the local group who can offer support. 




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