picture of slte


If you’ve passed by St James in the last couple of months, you’ve probably noticed the huge amount of scaffolding down one side of the building.  That’s because our roof, after a century of being at one of the highest points in London, needs major repair.  On both sides, every slate needs replacing, a fair amount of stonework needs work, and we’re adding some 21st century weatherproofing as well.

We have raised enough money to do the first half of the project, but we now need to get ready for phase two – and that’s another £100,000, for the side facing up the Broadway.

You can help us make progress on keeping this iconic building as a home to so many activities, social as well as spiritual, which make St James such a well-loved part of the heart of Muswell Hill.  Whether it’s the fun of Midsummer Muswell, the worship in our services, the friendship of our special needs groups, or the urgent need of the Winter Night Shelter, everything relies on being warm and dry.  And we need to be ready for the end of the COVID restrictions, and on the starting blocks again.

On Saturday October the 10th, we’re having a Sponsor a Slate day, for £10 you can go down in history! We can’t actually carve your name into the slate – they’re too fragile for that – but we’re going to keep a list and make a permanent record, for everyone whose helped us, every inch along the way.

Come and find us on St James Square, Saturday October 10th.

Chris Green, Vicar.