Help us to shape the future of Winchmore Hill

We are here to make sure that the voices of the residents of Winchmore Hill are heard and to fight on your behalf to maintain and enhance this special place to live and work.
We liaise with councillors and the council officers to get the best outcome for this area across these issues:

Planning                  Crime                                                                Transport                 Environment                                                 Events

We are currently focusing on the future of The Green. The Green is at the heart of the area and deserves to be preserved and improved in the right way.

The closure of the one-way slip road to allow people to dine outdoors and enjoy the restaurants and cafés has been a great success with local residents. However, the results of our recent survey responded to by around 500 local residents, indicates that they agree with us that there are changes that must be made to this scheme to protect The Green in the longer-term. It is important that the scheme benefits all the local residents and not just the local businesses.

As you can see from the photos below, there are several issues with this scheme specifically; parking, rubbish from businesses, and the excessive number and behaviour of the moped drivers picking up food for delivery that need to be urgently addressed.

We have submitted a report to the council and councillors asking for these issues to be addressed and to work with us to adapt this scheme to benefit all local residents, businesses and reduce the impact this is having on what is the historic and beautiful heart of our community.

If you care about The Green and want the best for Winchmore Hill then please join us: