It might seem counter intuitive, but when you think about it, achieving highly ambitious, truly meaningful goals that many perceive to be unrealistic or unreasonable is actually easier that achieving goals that don’t really set your heart on fire.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly you will have a lot less competition because the vast majority of people aim for mediocrity or compromise or the conventional, and secondly you will feel far more motivated and adrenalin fuelled if your goal fires up your imagination, so much so that you will keep going and devote everything you can to overcoming whatever hurdles you encounter.

Every goal has obstacles, and you will only continue to do whatever it takes until you get where you want to go if what you are trying to achieve means everything to you.

On the other hand, if your goal is good but not great it won’t be inspiring and you may well give up, especially when you run up against the majority who put a lot of energy into achieving the conventional.

I am not talking about some sort of ego aggrandising goal. It has to be totally meaningful to you, otherwise what’s the point? How can you put your heart and soul into something unless it means everything to you?

Most people do not believe they are put on this earth to do great things. But if you are of average or above average intelligence and ability, why should you not aspire to be the next Nelson Mandela, or William Shakespeare, or Leonardo Da Vinci, or Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

The key is to find out what you really love doing, what comes naturally to you that others find difficult, what is your true passion, and develop the required skill, knowledge and experience to the utmost. You might need to get a training, or find the best teacher, guru or coach, whatever. You may even decide to go back to education.

So how do you know when you’ve found your passion?

Listen to your intuition, to the still small voice of your heart, for it will always guide you on your true path in life. Instead of doing what you think would be a good idea or a safe option, find the courage to allow yourself to be driven by your inner voice, which always knows what’s best for you.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s impossible to live your dream. Living your dream is a perfectly realistic thing to aspire to. Someone had a dream once that it would be possible for a human to walk on the moon. Most people dismissed it as idle fantasy. But a dream or vision is the first step to amazing human endeavour. We should celebrate our dreamers and visionaries.

The late guru Osho once said, “be realistic, plan for a miracle.” Seems like very sound advice!

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