The placing of an order with Beach Media Publications (BMP) is an acceptance by you (“the Advertiser”) of these terms:

1. It is a condition of BMP accepting any advert that the Advertiser provides products or services to the residents and businesses of the areas the magazines are distributed to.

2. Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure accuracy, BMP cannot and does not accept responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by an error in the printing of an advert or other information.

3. Adverts are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate.

4. BMP cannot and does not accept responsibility for views expressed by contributors, or for the accuracy of claims made by advertisers.

5. The Advertiser must ensure that all written copy or images supplied as part of their advertising belongs to them. In the event that the written copy or images are not directly owned then, the Advertiser must ensure they hold all relevant permissions and can produce the same if any claims regarding breach of copyright arise. Any claims for breach of copyright received by BMP will be redirected to the Advertiser; the Claimant of the breach will be provided with a copy of these terms and conditions together with contact details for the Advertiser. BMP will not be responsible for any breach of copyright that fall under this term.

6. New copy for adverts should be sent before the copy deadline date; if this is not received then existing advert/advertorial will be used. Details of the copy deadlines are available on request.

7. Any writing or design of an advert or editorial by BMP is on the basis that the Advertiser has accepted responsibility to ensure provision of correct information in all respects and that the Advertiser will check the proof of the advert or editorial before it goes to print (printing dates will be provided on request). Where such a request is made to amend advert copy, or where details are provided, less than 48 hours before print deadline, BMP is unable to guarantee provision of a proof. The advertiser is also responsible for re-checking all the content of the advert to ensure it is correct in all respects even when a minor amendment has been made

8. Advertisements submitted must be in at least one of the following formats: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF, Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher.

9. Advert artwork up to 15MB in size can be submitted by email to Larger items will need to be transmitted electronically by providers such as Dropbox, YouSendIt, We Transfer or similar, or sent to BMP on a portable disk. Please note that sending artwork electronically does not necessarily guarantee it will be received. Accordingly, BMP cannot accept responsibility for the non arrival of artwork by whatever means it is sent.

10. BMP cannot and does not take any responsibility for the quality or content of adverts. As to quality, the advert must be a minimum of 300 DPI therefore BMP cannot and does not ensure reasonable quality for any aspect of any advert if it is less than 300 dpi. As to content, it is the Advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that adverts are legal and copyright free.

11. The advertiser agrees not to display in another publication any advert designed and set by BMP without prior written consent of BMP. An administration charge of £25 will need to be paid before release.

12. BMP is entitled to refuse adverts which it considers in its absolute discretion to be defamatory, indecent or offensive or which promote products that may be considered indecent.

13. BMP cannot and does not provide any guarantee that an advert or editorial will be successful. No refund will be made on the basis that the Advertiser considers the response is disappointing and all outstanding invoices will still require payment.

14. The booking of an advert is an agreement to pay the current advert price by the due date. The due date is:

New advertisers: The first month’s payment to be paid once artwork has been approved thereafter within 14 days after the issue date of the invoice.
Existing advertisers: within 14 days after the issue date of the invoice providing this does not override any other arrangements that may already be in place.

15. Discounts applied to long term or multiple magazines are based upon the length of booking. If the booking is terminated before the end of the original agreed term, BMP reserves the right to recalculate the cost to the rate applicable for the period of time from the start to the date of cancellation and reissue an invoice for the difference. That amount will need to be paid within 7 days of issue.

16. Cancellation: BMP requires 14 days’ notice before the next deadline date. Failure to do so may result in the advert being included in the following edition which will have to be paid for.

17. Payments can be made by credit or debit card, cheque, cash or online transfer.

18. If payment for bookings i.e. adverts or editorials that run for more than 1 month is not received by the due date, BMP has the right to exclude the advert in further issues of the magazine(s) until full payment has been received.

19. In cases where payments are overdue between 30-60 days, BMP reserve the right to charge an administration charge of £10 each time it needs to chase for payment.

20. In cases of overdue amounts in excess of 60 days will exercise its statutory rights under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. In this respect, interest at the rate of 3 per cent above base rate per 14-day period will be added, compounded in each 14-day period on any outstanding balance from the date of the invoice until the date of receipt of payment in full. Also, please be advised that, in accordance with European Directive 2000/35/EC, a debt recovery fee of £40 will be charged.

21. In the case of overdue accounts that give rise to disputes which cannot be quickly resolved, BMP is entitled to hand the account over to a debt collection agency to recover any amounts outstanding plus costs and interest.

22. The distribution area may be altered at the discretion of BMP without prior warning.