Is it safe to come out yet?

My family has been unfortunate to be hit with Covid and it’s been really rather grim. Whilst we’ve had varying degrees of severity it was the mothership that got hit hardest. My husband said that in 20 years of knowing each other he had never seen me keel over the way I did. Whilst I’m over the worst I have been left with a terrible fatigue as well as no discernible taste or smell.   

But however bad it’s been, there’s no doubt we’ve been lucky. I have read so many sad accounts from people whose friends and relatives died without the chance to hold their hand or say goodbye. There is hope however on the horizon with numerous vaccines approved for use. However, whilst it’s wonderful to see the vaccines being rolled out, it’s not a “Get out of Jail” card and we owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to continue to be careful.

It’s a minefield but the eventual freedom will be worth all the effort we put into it now. In the meantime, let’s keep supporting each other and for a reminder about the positivity that has endured throughout this pandemic, do read our article “What has Covid-19 done for our community spirit?”

Until next the next issue, keep safe and well.