We have so much to be grateful for

Not long after the government roadmap was announced, I took a stroll around my local shops and was excited to see the obvious signs of stocking up. It’s lovely to know that our shops will once again be open. The anticipation is palpable particularly with regard to those offering personal services such as haircuts and beauty appointments; although I have resigned myself to another month of untended locks and grey eyebrows as others, equally desperate for expert help after months of trying to DIY, were far more canny than me and booked their appointments as soon as 12th April was announced!

As we move forwards, I hope we will reflect on what this last year has shown us about our strength when we pull together as a community. We have seen many people volunteer their help for a myriad of things ranging from delivering medicines to cooking meals. Our local independent businesses have adapted to provide online shopping and home delivery in order to support customers. We’ve also had the chance to connect with neighbours who we were barely on nodding terms with previously and accepted help without questioning why it’s been offered.

Overall my takeaway has been “life is precious and we must not take the things we dearly love for granted.”

Be kind to each other – and until next time keep safe!


PS: In case of interest the week of 3rd to 9th May 2021 has been designated International Screen Free Week. During this time both parents and children are encouraged to unplug from their devices for a day, or a week, or just for a few hours daily and use the opportunity to do something else – read, go for a walk, bake a cake – whatever it takes to enjoy the analogue world for a change! More details and resources are available at screenfree.org.