Where has the time gone?


The decision to start working for myself happened when Archie was born. I couldn’t imagine being able to put him into childcare so made the choice to find something that would fit around him. Fast forward 16 years and Archie has now finished his GCSEs and school for the summer (assuming the summer ever arrives); where did that time go?!

In contrast, the last 15 months have been slower in a good way. It provided the chance to reduce the pace and appreciate the moment rather than rushing towards the future. There’s no doubt that being piled on top of each other was tiring and tested the strongest of relationships. But, as we inch our way forwards, I hope we can weave our best experiences from lockdown into the new future ahead of us and learn to appreciate things more.

There’s no doubt that these last few months of gradual easing have been a blessing to our local businesses and we’re pleased to see so many of our customers returning to “business as usual” – even if that has meant some major changes to their definition of “usual”! We are fundamentally social creatures at heart, relying on each other for support, motivation, and appreciation. Do take a look through our pages for useful local community news as well as some great offers and services from our advertisers. And please support local businesses whenever you can.