3 reasons why print media isn’t dead

It’s easy in a Digital Era where it’s hard not to escape the Facebook Forest, Instagram  Wilderness or Twitter Tornado in terms of promoting your business, to think that print media is dead. But that doesn’t mean other forms of communication aren’t worth bothering with. In fact, one of our most recent advertisers who appeared in the February issue got in touch to say:

“Never let anyone say that print media is dead. I got my copy of the N21 Directory the day after distribution started, and at 12.30pm I received a call from someone wanting to book my course A day later I received another call.”

Still not convinced? Here are three more reasons to consider print advertising :

Print is relatively easy to target

If you need to tackle a particular demographic – whether by postcode or for a niche topic – there are publications out there that will help you achieve it. Obviously I’m not a specialist magazine so would advise you if I thought your advert was better placed in Goat News; for everyone else I can offer 7 postcodes to target.

Customers trust the printed page

Readers trust magazine content including adverts (studies show readers often enjoy ads as much as articles) and tend to develop loyalty to publications that provide the information they want. The topical content in our magazines was assembled with help from the readership so we know the heaps of editorial including updates about the community and tips for homes, gardens, fashion and beauty will be enjoyed.

Print persists

Ask yourself this: how many issues of your most informative publications are lying around your home or office? We’d guess the answer, at worst, is “a few.” That longevity and the pass-along factor mean more people see your advertising more often. The same is true of the magazines as people tell  us they hold onto them until the next one arrives which is about 8 weeks! That means they are repeatedly exposed to the advertising and that increases the likelihood of those businesses being used.

We’re gearing up for our March issue and the booking deadline is the 14th February; we’d love to see you in the mags, so give Becky a call to find out more. 07976 869435 or email becky@beckybeach.net

10 Top Print Advertising Tips 

10 Top Print Advertising Tips 

1. Use a simple layout

Don’t overcomplicate the advert – if it looks cluttered people won’t even attempt to understand what it’s about, they’ll simply turn over the page. Use one picture or image as opposed to many.

 2. Focus on one proposition

 Concentrate on transmitting one simple clear proposition. The more focused the message, the more impact you’ll have.

 3. Include a picture caption if you have a picture  

 Research shows that people who look at pictures also read the picture caption if it’s there, so make sure you include one.

4. Long copy can be used

 There’s no harm in using long copy to explain your product or service in more detail. Just make sure that the ad doesn’t look cluttered or complicated.

 5. Stress the Positive Benefits  

 This is a golden rule of advertising – stress benefits not features. If you’re advertising a skin care product, don’t say that it ‘reduces wrinkles’. Instead use the phrase ‘look 10 years younger’.

 6. Long headlines can be effective 

 Interestingly research actually shows that long headlines result in higher sales than shorter headlines.

 7. Use photographs instead of artwork drawings  

 Photographs can be likened to the real world and as a result they facilitate recall better than artwork – by as much as 26%.

 8. Check the advertisement in print format

 This is vital. Readers won’t see your ad in high definition quality on a desktop. Therefore check to see what it looks like in print format being going ahead… it’s amazing how previously easy to read text can become unclear.

9. Use the same format and layout again and again  

Continuously changing the colours and format of your ads doesn’t help recognition rates. Think of Marks & Spencer – most people can recognise an advert is about them before even reading the text.

10. Track the response

This is another golden rule of advertising. Without tracking your advertising you’ll have no idea whether it was a success and whether you should repeat that form of advertising again.




Local care agency Home Care Preferred, can provide a range of advice for people who may need care or support.

Although the company specialise in care in people’s own homes, they are also able to assist with providing other useful information such as details about care fee planning, benefits, guidance on dementia care, independent living equipment and much more. 

Managing Director, Ken Waterhouse, who has spent over 30 years in the care sector is happy to provide a free consultation with those considering care or their friends and family.

To book an appointment please contact ken@homecarepreferred.com or phone 020 8364 3670.




Senior School years really matter and they come at a time when your daughter is maturing into a young adult. From our own experience, we know that the road ahead is full of opportunities which are both exciting and daunting in equal measure. We are here to guide your daughter along her way to success in an environment where she is well-known, understood and looked after as an individual.

Are numbers important? We believe so. 

PGHS has small class sizes throughout the Senior School for reasons which include:

  • maximising the time a teacher can spend with each girl
  • ensuring that all work is marked in detail
  • enabling everyone to be both supported and challenged.

Should my daughter join clubs and teams? We believe so.

PGHS is renowned for providing excellent academic success and impressive levels of value added. We encourage participation in activities such as STEAM, to be creative, musical, artistic and sporty to develop skills that complement their GCSE results.

Is exercise important for my daughter? We believe so.

PGHS dedicates a significant amount of time to physical activity. We have exclusive use of the sports facilities at the Walker Sports Ground and the younger girls swim at Southgate Leisure Centre. In the later years, the girls use Southbury Leisure Centre where they can play badminton, basketball, swim, trampoline, spin and so much more.

Should you come and visit us to learn more? We believe so!

To book your personal tour please call 020 8886 1135 or email office@pghs.co.uk

Out with the Old, in with the New!

Out with the Old, in with the New!

A New Year brings hope, aspiration, and a fresh start for many & the property market is no different. Just like the holiday season in summer, the festive period allows people to relax & reflect on their current situation and many take the step to move house. So if this is going to be you, we thought we would give you 5 things to look out for when choosing the right agent for you.

  1. Do first impressions matter?

Well they can do but don’t be too quick to decide.  Probe the agent – interview them. Do they know the market or are they just a salesman? How well do they know your area?  You are going to have to deal with them over a period of 3 months so that rapport has to be there. 

  1. Monkeys & Peanuts

Fees will be important but have a look what the agent is offering if their fee is slightly higher.   Ask yourself, do I go to the cheapest restaurant to be fed or do I pay slightly more for a better meal?  Choosing an agent shouldn’t be any different.  

  1. Who is holding the camera?

Estate agents are NOT photographers! Choose an agent that appoints external professionals to help showcase your property.  The better it is marketed, the better price you should achieve. 

  1. Price it correctly 

Let’s be honest, we all are emotionally attached to our homes so it is important to be realistic on price especially in the current market. Get a minimum of three agents to value your house and ask for a realistic valuation. We all like a challenge but ask for comparable evidence to support the suggested sale price. 

  1. Length of contract 

Read the agent’s terms and conditions. If they are committing you to longer than 12 weeks, be sceptical as to whether they are confident of selling your property. 

Good luck from all of us @ Rash & Rash in Southgate!

If you are thinking about selling your property contact Southgate’s Original Estate Agents

020 8882 2828

39-41 Chase Side

Southgate, London

N14 5BP




Celebrating 10 years in business

Ten years ago, the UK had a Labour government with Gordon Brown in Downing Street.  The Chancellor, Allistair Darling, had recently introduced a 50% top rate of tax, a banker bonus tax and extra National Insurance for us all.  The world was reeling from the exposed financial meltdown and banks & building societies started to disappear.  

Recession was the key word.  No one had said the word Brexit because it didn’t exist.  Boris Johnson was Mayor of London and many people believed the 2012 Olympics, in 3 years’ time, was going to be an embarrassing disaster.

Obama was president of the USA.  John Bercow was elected speaker of the House of Commons and would soon face a major crisis with The Telegraph newspaper exposing MP expenses shenanigans leading to many resignations.  Little did he know what the next ten years held in store.

At this time of financial chaos and uncertainty I set up Mostons with terrific support from my wife Ellen and our dear friend and colleague Maria.  The three of us are still here, ten years later, having been joined by Ellen’s sister Alison, who runs the office, and very much thinking about what the next ten years might hold.

It will hopefully be a future with financial certainty for business, in or out of the EU, and with a Government that supports people, businesses and businesspeople. 

To give you a flavour of our progress in the last 10 years Mostons have grown from the start up 3 to a team of 9, with the recent addition of Karley Wade at our new Norwich office.  Back in 2009 we advised and supported 26 businesses, we had only 45 tax returns to file (January was a joy) and a handful of payrolls.  During our 10 years we have enjoyed eating and drinking locally and delighted in meeting, many of our N21 business neighbours.

Fast forward to 2019 and we have added 300 businesses to our client list, we will be filing over 300 tax returns, (the majority in a hellish January!), and over 100 clients are looked after by our dedicated payroll manager.

We have trained and supported two fully qualified accountants, who have made Mostons their career homes and a third is hopefully on the way. We very recently welcomed Flora’s daughter Arabella, into the world, and she is our third ‘Mostons baby’ adding to James’s son Isaac and daughter Esme.  

We fondly hold in our hearts and will always remember our Cameron & Lesley. 

Looking ahead, we remain open to new business and, in the next 12 months, will be focusing on four key areas: Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Individuals, moving clients to cloud based record keeping, IR35 & Payroll Services. 

Last year I wrote about MTD and we edge ever closer to the introduction of digital record keeping for the self employed and individuals with letting income.  This will be a significant challenge for many people, and we are here to help.  The one constant we have experienced in the last decade is uncertainty.  We are facing great change and we, at Mostons, will adapt, thrive and continue to look after people, businesses and businesspeople.

Everyone at Mostons wish you a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous 2020.