Strength & Learning Through Horses needs your help

Strength & Learning Through Horses needs your help

Strength & Learning Through Horses is a charity partnership based in Edgware, North London. The charities work with London’s most vulnerable young people, enabling them to turn their lives around when all other interventions have failed. The secret to their success is their 8 special horses. The horses who all have traumatic backgrounds of their own teach the young people how to better recognise and control their emotions and behaviour by reflecting the body language of young people in their own behaviour.

Unfortunately due to COVID19 the stables have been forced to close its doors to clients. While staff are continuing to support young people via phone calls, online video calling and providing educational activities via email the charities have no income coming in for sessions and are struggling to cover the costs of feeding the horses.

The coronavirus crisis is exacerbating the mental health challenges of the young people the charity supports. The feedback is that young people feel like their mental health and wellbeing is in decline and they are desperate to return to the stables to see their favourite horses and start to move forwards positively in their lives again. The charities need the support of the local community to make sure they can still be there for the 300 young people who rely on their support when restrictions are lifted. The charities need to raise £5,000 towards the costs of rent and feeding the horses and are looking for support from anyone that can help. To donate please click here

If you think you can help the charities in any way please get in touch:

07717 497366

Feeding the NHS using local businesses

Feeding the NHS using local businesses

Hero Support Team – our aim is to feed the NHS staff helping us to fight Covid-19… whilst supporting local business.

We are working directly with the Royal Free Charity to support all 5 hospitals within the Royal Free Trust (including Barnet, Royal Free London, Chase Farm, Finchley Memorial and Edgware Community hospitals) to fulfil 2 needs: 

  1. To deliver supplies of non-perishable food items donations that have been collected by our wonderful volunteers from your doorstep and delivered directly to the hospital. We encourage everyone who can afford to (please don’t leave yourself short), to just add in an item or 2, or 10 if you can when you do your shopping. To register your goods for collection please visit:

  2. To deliver cooked food for lunches and dinners from local restaurants and delivery companies. If you would like to donate towards this then you can do so visiting

Get in touch:
Feed the NHS Art Exhibition

Feed the NHS Art Exhibition

We have been working extremely hard to organise a charity art exhibition in order to raise money for the NHS. Due to the popularity of the first upload of work for the exhibition (with the majority of pieces selling out in a matter of minutes) we have decided to do a second upload of artwork on Sunday 19th April at 10am.

If it’s anything like the last one, you’ll need to get your orders in quickly! If you are waiting on the exhibition page, make sure you refresh your page at 10am until you see the new work.

About the charity exhibition

Artwork will start from £50 and proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the campaign which looks to raise money to help feed NHS workers and critical care staff one hot, healthy meal each day, starting with the hardest hit London hospitals, then going national to Feed the NHS. Our NHS heroes are already working 20 hour shifts and these hours will only get longer as the crisis worsens. With a number of cafes and eateries shut and hospital canteens massively stretched there is a real need to get healthy, hot food to hospitals.

Artwork is listed anonymously (although you may well recognise some of the styles) and only once a purchase has been made will the artist’s name be revealed. All artwork is unframed unless otherwise stated and will be posted directly from the artist to you after purchase.

To see the exhibition visit