Wave Cafe

Wave Cafe

So much more than just a café!

Open every Thursday and Friday, Wave Café, a small charity with big ambitions, is a warm and welcoming place, pioneering life-changing work in the heart of Muswell Hill.  Wave stands for ‘We are All Valued Equally’ and, through art and food, this inclusive charity aims to reduce inequality in society and change attitudes around learning disability and difference. Two days a week, Wave Café provides a truly accessible and inclusive space where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities socialise, work, create and enjoy each other’s company.

The goal of Wave Café is to normalise difference through what Wave called the ‘with not for’ approach.  Within this model, which moves away from the traditional charity approach of providing needy service users with support, people with disabilities see themselves as a natural and integral part of the community, while those without disabilities have their eyes opened.  Volunteers who thought they were doing things for others find that they themselves are real beneficiaries.   As a result, many otherwise unlikely friendships have developed through events at Wave Café.

Wave Café started as a series of pop-up art events around Muswell Hill and quickly moved to weekly, inclusive evening art events.  In 2019 the charity started to trial a once-a-week daytime café in its current location at the Muswell Hill URC.  The café was bustling, with inclusive art, free yoga and delicious lunch prepared by a mixed ability kitchen team but, when the pandemic struck, was forced to close its physical space.  Undeterred, the team kept activities going—art, yoga, Zoom chats and a letter writing project—and Wave Café was finally able to re-open its doors in July of 2021 

Thanks to a generous donation from the Michael and Betty Little Trust, the café is now open two days a week and provides inclusive art, affordable lunches and enriching internship opportunities for young people with learning difficulties. But Wave Café wants to offer a fuller and richer service for its existing community and to expand its inclusive ethos to a larger community by establishing itself as a financially sustainable social enterprise. To do this, the charity needs to raise an additional £50,000 in 2022.  If you feel you can help by making a monthly or one-off donation, please contact Wave Café’s Development Director, Claire Avant, at claire@wavecafe.org.  For more information about the charity, visit their website at www.wavecafe.org or follow on social media @wavecafeN10.

Wave Café

At Muswell Hill United Reformed Church

Open Thursdays from 9-5 (art from 11:00-3:00 and 3:45-5:00, Yoga from 11:00-12:00)

Fridays from 9-3 (art from 11:00-2:00)

Lunch served at 12:30 each Day


Tea and Hatters Cafe

Tea and Hatters Cafe

Tea & Hatters

Lewis Carroll penned his most famous novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in 1865 which has been read by so many… including Leyla who had a dream to open an Alice inspired café. Leyla’s dream came true, and Tea and Hatters was born.

We are a cosy café in the heart of Hornsey, offering breakfast, brunch, and lunch. We have a wide range of herbal teas and homemade cakes every day.

Here is a place like no place on earth. A land full of wonder and mystery! Some say to Survive it… You need to be as Mad as a hatter, which luckily I am.

You’d be mad not to visit this tea=shop in Hornsey’s bustling High Street. You will find Tea & Hatters at:

10 High Street
London N8 7PB

You can also call ahead to book at table 020 3583 5855

Responsible Landlords rent2rate

Responsible Landlords rent2rate


Rent2Rate: Our Story

Rent2Rate.com was developed out of an idea by me a London Landlord who believes in ‘Responsible Landlord Services’ and the need to remove the negativity around being a Landlord, particularly in London, where rents are high and continue to increase year on year.

Here at Rent2Rate we bring the eco system together under one platform. On rent2rate.com, the following can be completed – (1) The Landlord, can rate their Tenants (2) The Tenants can rate their Landlord and (3) the landlord can rate the agent. There are more dimensions to this process, but I think you get the idea of what the platform is aiming to achieve.  The above process flow will create a true picture of your Landlord/Tenant/Agent experience for potential customers/tenant to review.

All of the Landlords on this website are members of a LandLord Scheme and are/or Landlord Accreditation Scheme. We also require that all properties be registered with a Gas Safe, EPC and NEIC safety to ensure adherence to current safety standards.

By advertising your property on Rent2Rate.com, you are setting a standard of responsibility to your Tenant and working towards a superior service for a product, which is becoming a key expenditure for all UK Households.

Rate your tenants here on the website too. This is where we differ from other websites/Agent platforms in that you can provide feedback on your tenants and rate them accordingly. In order to access this information, you must have held a bonefide AST agreement with the tenants currently or retrospectively with the people you are rating.
Provide factual feedback on maintenance, deposit return and general property location facilities etc whilst in receipt of an AST.

Join Rent2Rate.com today and let us advertise your property and you as a responsible Landlord to your potential clients.

To find out more about our services and how we can help you please email: admin@rent2rate.com


Beauty Treatment

Beauty Treatment

Smooth away your frown lines

The challenge of modern aesthetic treatments is to slow the signs but not look over-done – the most popular and successful treatment is botulinum injections to soften wrinkles and on the face.

Some internet celebrities portray an image of beauty achieved through aesthetic treatments as a parody of true beauty. Examples of disproportionate lips and fixed expressions can be off-putting. But don’t be put off – subtlety is key!

I am Dr Nasha and I am a senior NHS consultant and also the medical director of the NMLondon Aesthetics Clinic in Crouch End. My aesthetics practice is focussed on achieving subtle and natural enhancements.

Botulinum injections are safe and effective. Detailed knowledge of anatomy enables safe administration of botulinum injections into key muscles to smooth lines. It wears off after 3 months and then the treatment is repeated. Perfect for banishing forehead wrinkles, eleven lines (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet around the eyes and to subtly life the brow. Injections in the lower face can treat wide jaw, teeth grinding, lip lines and a gummy smile.

Botulinum injections are also used to control excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Small doses of botulinum injected into the armpits is a highly successful treatment that brings great relief to people with excessive sweating.

Email: bookings@nmlondon.com

Tel: 07557 771341



Mount House School

Mount House School


We will be holding our Assessment Day for September 2022 Year 7 entry on Saturday 8th January 2022 and if you have not yet registered your child, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible via our website.

On Assessment Day, your son/daughter will have the opportunity to visit our school, set in beautiful surroundings in Hadley Wood.  They will sit exams in English, Maths and non-verbal reasoning and they will also take part in some exciting group activities, enjoy lunch in our Treetops restaurant and meet me and some of our teaching staff. We hope that this will give them an idea of what it is like to be a student at Mount House School.

Mount House offers a small number of scholarships each year to students who demonstrate strong academic ability as well as a commitment to the wider life of the school through the co-curricular programme, particularly in sport and the creative and performing arts.

Here at Mount House, small class sizes are the norm with an impressive co -curricular programme and students are supported to take responsibility for their own development. We encourage them to become intellectually curious, resilient, independent young people with good moral character. We aim for each child to be nurtured and supported so they feel safe, valued and enabled to fulfil their potential.

Mount House is a happy and successful school, with an excellent record of GCSE and A-level results and an outstanding record of students achieving places at top universities. We are very proud of our school and if you have not yet visited us, we would be delighted to welcome you and your son/daughter for a tour of Mount House.

Mrs Sarah Richardson



Mount House School, Camlet Way, Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire, EN4 0NJ

0208 449 6889 / admissions@mounthouse.org.uk / www.mounthouse.org.uk