One of the most important Council consultations ever is going on right now.  The Council is asking for our ideas about their Draft Local Plan, which will shape the future of Enfield not just for the 15 years of the Plan but forever.  However, more than three weeks into the consultation we are still finding that most people know nothing about the plan, the consultation or the proposals to build on large areas of the Green Belt. You would think that the Council would want people to know about this wide-ranging and powerful plan – but no – they would prefer it to pass through the process uncriticised by the residents that they were elected and are paid to serve.

For those who do know about the consultation, navigating through the thousands of pages in multiple documents is a challenge most people will prefer to ignore.  Green Belt campaign group Enfield RoadWatch in collaboration with several other local organisations has simplified the process to make it possible for everyone to have their say.  Visit www.Enfield to find out how.  Virtually anyone with an interest in Enfield of any age is eligible to take part.  

So, why are we making this effort?  Just look at this list of the key Green Belt sites under threat and you’ll know why.

  • Crews Hill Garden centres, golf course and open land – gone.
  • The fields on either side of Enfield Road, including all of Vicarage Farm up to Hadley Road and the equestrian centre – gone.
  • Green areas in Hadley Wood – gone.
  • Half of Whitewebbs Park – gone.
  • Holly Hill Farm – gone
  • Essentially a big chunk of Enfield’s historic Enfield Chase with its heritage landscape – gone.
  • And the sites aren’t only in the west of the borough. Rammey Marsh – gone.

The Council’s so-called preferred option, which includes all the above, is NOT the only option to meet housing and other needs. There are alternatives that would bring regeneration to deprived areas, improving public services like transport, medical facilities and more. And don’t believe the threat of skyscrapers.  There are alternatives to those too. 

Please visit our website to learn how to tell the Council a resounding NO!

If you think you can offer any support towards our campaign, no matter how small, please do get in touch at we would love to hear from you. Together we are Stronger!