The Great Escape!

Escape into times and places outside your four walls. Read!

Being in a Book Group has been a lifesaver for many of us during lockdown. Not only have we had plenty of time to read but our reading has been given purpose because we will chat about it with friends.

Starting a Book Group and running it need not be complicated or daunting.

Usually members of a book group all read the same book and then a few weeks or a month later they come together and discuss it.  This is certainly ONE way to do it, but not the ONLY way, as I have proved. Let’s answer a few FAQs first.

Do I have to know a lot about literature?  You don’t need to read “literature” or know anything about literary criticism. The secret, I feel, is choosing books to read so that there is plenty to discuss.

Who chooses the books?  You or everyone could take a turn. I research likely books and offer suggestions. Sometimes we read the same book but sometimes we all read DIFFERENT books.

How can reading different books work? In this case, you choose a genre; a theme; an author or some other common element such as the country or time they were set in for example. Books can be suggested or everyone can choose their own. Eventually when we all come together everyone will have a different “take” on the chosen topic which makes for a very interesting, informative, lively and enjoyable discussion.

How can I ensure everyone has something to say?  Set some questions about the book to consider during/after reading it. These form conversation starters and keep the discussion flowing.

How many should be in it?  Between six and eight is best so everyone can contribute. Six can usually be easily accommodated in homes.

How do we meet in lockdown?  Zoom has been great for my book group of six people.

How often should we meet? Every month is usual but it’s up to the group.

I have three clips so far on my YouTube channel telling you about how to start and run a book group and providing some ideas to use for them. See the links below:

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Happy Reading!     Val Girling is a published author.