Why join Enfield Choral Society (ECS)?

Why join any choir? The literature on this is voluminous. From the physical and mental health advantages to the social benefits, there is no shortage of commentary on why singing together is good for us.


But why did I join Enfield Choral Society (ECS)? In quite a roundabout way, and a couple of years after moving to Enfield.  I happened to notice a forthcoming ECS workshop on a piece in a language I speak – so attended and was invited to sing in the concert.

More interestingly, how did I end up staying? With the proverbial ‘busy life’ that comes with two under-7-year-olds, a full-time job and other commitments, choir rehearsals are a weekly fixed point providing calm and concentration. My mind easily wanders, but choir rehearsals make me focus and forget any worries. Co-tenor Andrew Marven, at 28 ECS’s youngest member, said: “I find singing to be stress relieving, even when it has to be done in a different language.”

ECS’s inclusivity struck me. While some members are immensely experienced, often with skills learnt in childhood, I’m the opposite. Although I read music, I’d not really sung before. But we’re all challenged and supported. This is what makes ECS so enjoyable. There are expectations and a focus on working together to achieve a variety of sounds – these, I feel, help my enjoyment – but, as Andrew said, “All members are really supportive, so I look forward to Tuesday evenings each week.”

Author: Chris Willett                                      Contact: [email protected]